Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Load shedding...

I'm currently on holiday...with Papa and my Littley.

It was the first time Papa and I took Littley to the beach where we could enjoy it without her having one of her diva temper tantrums because she doesn't like the feel of sand in between her toes...she gets that from Papa.

Well I ran to pick her up in a surge of excitement, grabbed her and swung her around...and nearly landed on her little body as I lost my footing in the sand...embarrassed, that's what I was.  So I kept up the swinging action and continued running towards Papa, saying sheepishly "Did you see?  I nearly fell, how embarrassing".  He then replied, "shame, poor China"!  What the f.....freaking hell did he just say...and in front of all those people, why didn't he just call out, "BEACHED WHALE"!

Needless to say I was not a happy or Serene trooper that day, just earlier he made a comment about my mummy belly...something about it not being Littley's fault I'm like this, as she's now 18 months and my time to use her as an excuse is over.  Say what!!!!

OK, so this is how its gonna go down, I'm a lazy fatty!

The day has now slipped away, my depro mood changed to analytical mood.  As hard as it was to hear those things, I have to admit that I have been too lazy to loose my baby weight and yes, its true I'm fat...well the doctors call it obese...even better!

I now know the reason those comments hurt so much was because they were true!  If I was healthy and in shape I could probably brush them off and have a good laugh. 

Later that day I spoke to Papa about how his comments made me feel, he was horrified, he never meant to make me feel that way, he said he was joking.  Hmmmm some joke, anyway, we have come up with a plan together to shed the load...

So my advice is, if you get these terrible comments, worst thing would be to internalise them, that will just make you run for the fridge more then ever.  Discuss the hurt that came from the comments and make an action plan to get YOU to a happier place...and remember its to make YOU happy no one else...

Serene Motherhood


  1. Hey there - thanks for visiting my blog :) I have left you a comment there on the post you commented on

    and on the load shedding - good luck! and you can do it!

    Betty Bake

    1. Hi Betty Bake

      Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm really honored. And I do love your blog.

      Serene Motherhood