Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jelly belly be gone...

Littley, as I said before, is 18months old.  That means that I've been so busy taking care of everything else around me to acknowledge, this soft, jelly like tyre that has created a home on my tummy(was that OTT?).  What makes me ill is every woman I have met that has recently given birth in the last 0-3 months is so svelte, petite, fresh, tight...I could go on, but I've now had to pull the box of tissues.

And this malarkey of breast feeding will get your figure back if not better, liars...all liars...I pursued it for 6 months, where most gave up within days or weeks of having their Littley's, well surprise surprise, diddly squat happened to me.

So I have now decided enough is enough, I look at my beautiful colourful wardrobe on a daily basis and run my fingers longingly along all my designer London outfits, only to trail off and pull out...MY OLD MATERNITY CLOTHES!  Yes people, I have admitted it, I still wear maternity wear...Papa(Littley's dad) calls it my uniform.

I have veered off my point, sorry.  I have now started the Shape Magazines 10KM challenge(, and I'm 4 weeks into it.  I really believed this was going to be hard, as I'm a hefty size with G size, you know whats, so how was this body going to cope, and was this body even made for running/jogging.  Well I can honestly say, I made it to week 4 and I'm jogging a full 10min without stopping.  Who would of thought?

With all good things, some do come to an abrupt end or a break in the road, without your concession.  With the change of season my family and I have contracted colds, sinus, pharyngitis, laryngitis...take your pick.  So I had to leave the challenge this week, but for once in my life, I know I can do this and I am determined to get back on track.

Keep up with my progress on this blog as I let you know the trials and tribulations of an ordinary, hefty mother, with a severe case of mummy tummy, and how I get myself back in shape with this Shape challenge.  All I can say is thank goodness for people who create this who know that people cannot just jump on the treadmill and start running 8 km an hour for 20min.

Jelly belly be gone...