Friday, 13 April 2012

Sick and tired of being sick and tired....

This is terrible...

Somehow my body has given up on me, I have remained sick for 4 weeks running...ahhhh running something I used to do before getting sick.

I'm the worst for will power, sticking to it, seeing it through and all when I put my mind to it, before I got ill, I was at the gym or around the gardens running and exercising 4 x week.  Can you believe it, me a working mum, mother and wife, with non existent will power and very limited to an exercise routine!  And I was losing inches!!!!!!

Then I got struck down, I had it all, chest, nose, throat, ears, eyes you name it I had it everywhere including my big toe.  This little cold put me out the gym for 4 weeks!!! Never in my life for 4 weeks, no! It's only because I was being diligent, thats the only reason. 

Now I'm healthy and guess where I'm off to this week...a seaside golf and spa resort, can you handle it!!!  I could have been body beautiful had it not been for this little health vaca. 

I end this off with saying, this will no longer strike me down, I will enjoy my holiday and when I get back I am determined...DETERMINED!! To get back into the swing of things, I have proven that I am capable of doing it, now I know I can. 

So if you, like me, have had a bit of a set too with going back to the gym, then put that pastry down...ok no...finish it...then get your sweat gear on and just go.  Set yourself specific days and times that you will be going and preferably follow a programme.  You and I both know its hard, but 2 weeks into it and your A for away.  You and I will be on track in no time.

Good luck you and me!

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