Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Thank you for reading my blog...

I started my blog exactly 4 weeks ago and at this very moment I am celebrating!!!!


I don't know what blogging etiquette is or whether bloggers share their number of views, but I am going to throw caution to the wind and tell you this...

Now I'm not going to lie to you, but I do watch the number of hits I get, its like an addiction, I didn't want it to be an addiction, but it is....sorry!

This morning I got up and I looked at my blog, it had in total 452 hits in the last 4 weeks, deep down I really wished I could finish my 4th week off with a resounding 500 hits, because at about 9pm tonight I would have birthed this blog 4 weeks ago...YEAH!!!

Now the thing is, I usually get anything from 15-30 hits a day, depending on whether I've blogged or what I've blogged.  And because I love my baby blog I sit every day at work watching every hit, and do a little happy dance...deep inside me.  The man sitting next to me doesn't need to see it.  So to say I needed 48 hits was a big stretch.  Anyway I didn't go to work today I was in the trade so wasn't at my desk to agonise over my bloggy, probably a good thing.  Well I got home today and saw 499 hits....WOW, INCREDIBLE!!! And I have my very first follower, super chuffed(please follow me if you like me, it really is the nicest of feelings to know you don't write tooooo badly) anyway I only needed one more hit and as I was sitting here, some wonderful person from somewhere read my blog....WHOOPEE!!!

So I am celebrating, and to some 500 hits isn't a biggy, but its a biggy to me...

So THANK YOU to every person that has read my blog, every single one of you got a secret happy dance and to all the countries that have read my blog thank you too, that would include;  South Africa, USA, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Canada...You have made Serene Mother, less Serene and very excited.


  1. Thanks Tania, I'm wondering if all new bloggers go through this, or is just me who gets excited about small milestones...

  2. I'm so glad you like my blog :)) And I'm glad you found the tips useful. Be sure to come by every Monday I host a blog hop called Make My Morning Blog Hop over 90 bloggers are there. It's a chance see and be seen. Visit other amazing bloggers comment on their sites and they'll visit you. You'll love it Serene and congratulations on your traffic!! Good job :)