Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wednesday words...

Was blog surfing and came across a blog I really I'm going to plagarise and do the can find the original blog on

Here is what I said:

Highlight of the day... I haven't seen my desk , and it's been great...saw an old friend...gonna pick baby up early...yeah!

Last night I... did a spot of blogging, did a spot of finding new bloggers, did a spot of learning how to blog...cos I'm new at it...see my favorite blogs on the right of the screen...oh and ate a Lindt bunny with Papa(my husband)...yum

Current favourite song... didn't have a favorite then I saw the one posted, now I have a favorite...

Right now I am wearing... Work attire, mostly from the Kelso range in Edgars, love that Kelso range...but saw some yummy black and white clothes in Truworths today...loving the new winter fashion...

Five beauty products I'm obsessed with at the moment... 
1. Escada fragrance, the juice is too beautiful. A hint of rose, if you like Dolce&Gabbana rose The one, your'e gonna love this!
2. Which beauty product is absolutely non-negotiable and should be in every woman's makeup bag? My Bobbi Brown foundation stick, it goes EVERYWHERE with me...oh and the pot rouge.
3. I'm loving Estee Lauder Idealist, but nothing beats La Mer creme, your skin is like no other, everyone notices a change its truly a miracle solution. 
4. I was lucky enough to get a sneaky peek at the new Gucci Flora fragrance and it is to die for...I say no more! 

Can you tell I love fragrance!

Scent of the day... Boss Femme...

I'm looking forward to... my holiday with Papa and Littley, it will be our first, going to San Lameer a golf and spa resort...heaven is waiting for me!  

Now it's your turn! Copy the questions above and include your own answers in the comments section. I did it on the and it was fun!!!

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