Tuesday, 10 April 2012

When one just isn't enough...

I was reading a blog post recently from  and it caught my attention as this is something I am currently going through.

When one baby just isn't enough.

Now I know I'm not alone in this dilemma, but when did it become such a huge decision.  Back in the day people were multiplying left right and to speak.  I mean my one Gran had 7 children and my other had 5, my parents had 2 I have 15 cousins.  So whilst I was growing up I believed I was going to have 2 what changed?

Well for me, it was most certainly the agonising pregnancy I went through, where I contracted elephantitis(not a real condition), where my nosed swelled to half the size of my face, I produced a waddle and my feet were so swollen you could bounce a nickel off them.  Then the birth came, well no one warned me the pain I would go through and the near death experience...damn it should have done a C section, 10pound babies are too big for natural.

Check the shnose!!
Now that Littley is 18months old, and all is settled routines are created and adhered to, life is why not now?  Finances are playing a huge part in our decision, we are too selfish to give up our luxuries in life and for a good education, where we live, Littley needs to go to private school which is equivalent to one persons salary...well almost.  So do we give Littley a buddy and they have to fend for themselves in public school and hope they are intellectually capable in receiving a scholarship or do we give all our earnings to see Littley exceed in life with all the extra murals, classes and education needed to prepare her for a life of comfort and financial freedom?

Ahhhhhhhh...I know lots of people live good lives with 2 or more kids...but can we?  And am I prepared to go through this whole rigmarole of pregnancy, newborns and babies again?

Now I'm not one for asking for comments, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, its the bane of my day...especially when family visit and they see Littley and constantly ask when I'm getting a friend for her...what are they talking about, she has friends every day in nursery!

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