Monday, 9 April 2012

Play date games...

Love play dates?  Me too.

Littley, Papa and myself were invited to join 3 other parents for a play date.  Now I have to take you back in time as to how we got to this stage, as it nearly never happened.

This mum wanted to get together with Littley and I so she had contacted me the next day for a play date...but of course, I have my mobile lying around the house somewhere, don't ask me where, so I don't hear her text.

And if you get on my case about me not having my phone with me then get in the queue, behind Papa(Littleys dad), Mama Bear(my mum), Boy(my brother) and every Tom, Dick and freaking Harry that has a go at me for not having my phone, but dare I call and they don't pick up...hmmmm me thinks glass houses and all that!  I'm a woman, that generally means I don't have pocket, like guys generally do.  And no I don't carry my handbag around the house with me, and no its not on "OUTDOORS" mode, as I have a baby and I generally like her to sleep through her afternoon nap, not get frightened out of her sleep.  So I missed the text.

So it's a little like finding a guy, giving them your number and expecting them not to want them to call but they don't....well this guy called and YOU MISSED IT!

You see finding "new" friends is not easy, especially finding friends that are generally the same age with the same age child, same gender a bonus, but not essential.  Well this mum ticks all the boxes.  I contact her back 9 hours after she text me, I apologise and ask to set up a new play date.  She concurs.  It gets to the play date day and of course I don't have my phone with me again, what is the matter with me...heaven forbid there should be an emergency.  I contact her to apologise again, now I'm becoming the hard to get girlfriend, if I don't act fast this fellow is gonna loose interest.  We set up another time, this time they text back saying they'll see how their day goes.  OK so is the ball in my court or theirs...I'm confused!

So I bravely text to say if they are interested in joining us for an outing, a minute later I get batted, she's found someone else for her family to hang out with...this is terrible, keep it together Serene Mother, there are plenty of other mothers out there looking for friends...but they're not this mum.

Two minutes later we get the invite to join her and her friend, score...right Papa, Littley pack your bags we got 5 min to leave this house and meet new people...lets move it people, new parent friend relationship is on the line here.  Be nice, smile and all that, this is our first date!

We get there, enjoy ourselves and watch other kids bullying our babies, gossip about bad parenting and what this generation will bring...feed kids nachos and coke(should this be happening?  Who cares its one date).  All in all a successful play date, we got the go ahead to hang out again.

Yeah! My kid has a playmate and I actually like the mum and dad...score!

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