Friday, 6 April 2012

How to make mummy friends...

I used to live in London, and when I gave birth to my Littley I was so excited to be part of the "London Mummy" scene.

Finding mummy friends, in London, was a breeze.  You have a huge variety of private and public classes to attend and there is generally so many mums and babies that the room is bursting at the seams, never mind the decibels.  Once I went to story time and there were over 100 mothers...can you imagine?  You see...if you've never been in London, let me give you the picture...literally every second woman you pass on the street has a buggy, they can age from 15years and the government is very proactive about supporting mums...which is actually great for us mums, before I was a mum I had different thoughts...

Then I moved to South Africa, things are very different.  You have to pay about $15 per class and they only last 30min, because its considered a bit expensive you tend to have about 4 ladies in the class.  Some are aunts, nannies, grandparents etc.  So its difficult to make friends, and most like to keep to themselves especially as they've lived here for a while and have friends already.

So what was a mum to do, no friends, foreign city, expensive classes...sigh!

This is how I made mummy friends in South Africa:

#1 First mummy friend I ever made I just about scared the life out of her, I was such an eager beaver the first person I saw with a buggy in a nice neighbourhood (by herself) I jumped.  Now here's the picture in South Africa, you do not jump people, you might end up hurt.  Anyway turns out she was in the same position as year later we're good friends...we have a wonderful blackberry relationship due to lack of time to see each other...but its still strong.

#2 Second mummy friend I made I remembered her Littley went to my Littleys creche(while I was munching down a chocolate mouse cheesecake at Fournos bakery...yum!), I waved and said in the nicest of voices, because of course you are on mummy interview...for potential mummy friend, "Hi, oh I recognise that cutey pie, my littley is so and so at Hugs and Kisses creche..." and so the friendship began.

So if you are in the same predicament, my advice is, put yourself out there, smile, be friendly(not weird friendly) and invite them to an event you were planning on going with your Littley(then rush home and google nearest and earliest event).

Good luck and find those mummy friends you need them...


  1. As someone who just recently moved to a new city, let alone new country, I completely relate to this post. I have no children just yet, and sometimes wonder whether having children might make it easier to make new friends? Then again, that might just be a case of 'the grass is always greener...' Haha!

  2. Hmmm, sometimes it makes it more difficult and you tend to go with a different crowd...I've veared away from the jagmeister bombs and 4am in the morning climbs into bed...its more like late afternoon biccies and tea so you can get your little one bathed, fed and bed...then you sit and watch telly till 10pm when you go to life is different, but a good different, nothing like a cute little smile in the morning to get you going for the day