Friday, 30 March 2012

Scent sense...

I'm partial to a well groomed, delicious smelling man.  When the fragrance is right, then so is the man. 

Years ago I studied the art of aroma and there are a few things I picked up since then.  Firstly, did you know that aroma is linked to your emotional brain, called the Limbic system.  Its quite likely that you have caught yourself swinging on your heels when a man with the most beautiful scent walks past you, only to find its the guy who does the office copy job. 

Fragrance can alter your mood or perception and thats why its important to have a wardrobe of fragrances. The average person has 7 fragrances in their wardrobe, each for a different occasion or mood.  It sounds expensive, but these fragrances tend to last you when you have more in your wardrobe.

Two of my favorite mens fragrances is the Hugo Just Different and Hugo Man, at least one of these should be in all mens fragrance wardrobe in my opinion.  The fragrance is fresh, crisp and got that "just out the shower smell".  They both have an aromatic sense with beautiful ingredients.  Hugo Just Different has Icy cool mint, giving it that smooth, vibrant smell.  And Hugo man has Green apple, giving it that crisp clean smell.

I've been told that there is a fantastic promotion going on, which I know I'm sure to not miss as Papa is in need of a new fragrance and of course couldn't keep a secret like this to myself. 

From 2nd April 2012, some Edgars and Red Square stores(South Africa) are offering a Hugo night out case and scratch card, with any Hugo Man or Hugo Just Different 100ml purchase or bigger.  The prizes include an iPad or iPod shuffle.  Sign me up!

What fragrances do you like to smell on a man?  Leave me a comment I love reading them.

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