Friday, 30 March 2012

It shouldn't be a chore to be a mum...

I'm going to let you into how my usual day is, bearing in mind I like to keep calm so that  I am that Serene Mother Littley is looking for in a mommy, but every now and again it all gets on top of me.

Day starts off with Mummy staggering around half bleary eyed for bottles, diapers, dummies etc.  Thank the dear Lord for Cbeebies, time for mum to put on makeup, eat breaky, get creche bag ready, clean Littleys room, shower, get dressed, do hair and drop Littley at creche all in 25min.  Sound familiar, yes I'm sure it does.  Where's Papa, no he got up showered, dressed, brushed his teeth and out the door in 35min.

Go to work, full day, run home pick Littley up, run around the neighbourhood while she settles before 30min of fun time at the dinner table, then fun time running after naked baby before bath time, all whilst temper tantrums are going on.  Still sound familiar, OK OK, don't knock it, I'm a first time mum, I know you have it worse.

I told you meal time is fun time!

Then hush baby to sleep...ahhhhh.  Run to kitchen, heat up dinner, clean what mess has been created in the 1 hour Littley has been home, eat and then...oh no, have to run to the shops to get milk, run out of milk...damn!

Papa, gets home an hour after we arrive and plops in front of telly!  

Back at home, feet up, its 9pm.  Papa says "so what dessert are we having tonight", well of course that's when I want to take a pillow and ...lets not go there, Serene Mother maintains her composure.

Let me not even talk about the weekend.

OK so that is now out my system, as anger sears through my veins, I take time out...thanking the Lord again for this blog, my little outlet.  I compose myself and remind myself, I really don't have it that hard, I have 1 child, she is generally a good baby and a husband who does his fair share behind the scenes, like fighting with the council, putting up swimming pool fences, taking care of bills, making sure Littley is being taking care of whilst Mummy is sick.  Now that I've digested this, that heat of the moment has passed, I can go back and make that dessert he's been waiting for for 3 nights.

This is the best I can do, I'm not Delia Smith!

Next time you think the same, remember all the good your other half does, I know it's super difficult in the moment, but maybe you need time out like me...

And besides I love the time I have with Littley, it shouldn't be a chore to be a mum...

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