Monday, 2 April 2012

(annoying) pregnancy advice...

Dear Pumpkin Mama and Claire bear

Congratulations, soon you will be first time mommies, isn't it exciting...and about bloody time.

I would just like to be part of the few thousand people who have penetrated your blissful pregnancy with annoying and unwelcome advice, why, because when you become a mom, it's like you have the right to tell other "to be mom's" how and what to do, just because you had to endure it yourself.  So here are my two pennies worth.

My top 3 must have items for baby (and you):

 #1 Avent flower bath thermometer, this is a necessity not a want.  It has prevented me from freezing or scolding my child from the day she had her first bath, with no internal thermometer I would not have survived Serene Motherhood so far.

#2  Nappy bin, don’t go cheap.  The pong that these littley’s make can only be left to the imagination as to what goes on in the workings of their tiny bodies...these bins, mask most of the pong. 

#3 Nappy bag.  Go ahead and buy yourself the best, mummy bag you feel you want, I’ve had mine and absolutely love it, since the hospital and its still going strong, a bit grubby but strong.  And its pretty and girly and all that yummy mummy stuff.  I often get stopped on the street being asked where did I get it, love the attention.

My top 3 must do tips for you as new mums(what I was never told):

#1 It is not easy and everyone goes through it the moment you give birth, the best thing that happened to me, was to brush my hair, teeth and put makeup on and get out to a yummy mummy cafe(thanks to my dear friend Anne)...shew!  I found people just like me....I WASN'T ALONE!

#2  Call friends that have had babies and ask for their advice, your other half sometimes doesn't know what to say cos they've never had a watermelon strapped to their belly...All I can say was thank goodness to my two dear friends, Anne and Deany do(you know who you are).

#3  Escape if you will get to breaking point...quicker then what you are used have those sneakers close at hand to just slip them on whilst the other half has their bonding need to recompose yourself, and this means time by yourself to rationalise things.

OK OK, I'm done.  

Just remember, this is the hardest job you'll ever do, but its the best loved one you'll ever experience...enjoy my two lovely pregger friends

Serene Motherhood

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