Friday, 27 April 2012

Baby Picasso...

Littley is now advancing her skills to artistry, to the joy of Mama Bear(Littley's Granny) and Uncle Boy(her uncle) as they have the artistic on the other hand can do a mean stick man.  See exhibit A.

Exhibit A.  Mean stick man!

Papa and I are sitting outside enjoying the Autumn sun on our faces, when Papa keeps bouncing up and into the house to check on Littley, in my annoyance I tell him to calm down she's doing fine on her own.

*Big relieving sigh*  Ahhhh the sweet sound of silence, the leaves rustling in the background, Papa and I conversating...I tell you I'm thoroughly enjoying this moment, I don't get it very often...I even have my feet up.

I'm thinking she's nearing the age of 2 and may be she has advanced past Diva Temper Tantrum stage. The joy, the excitement...the serenity!  We take ourselves into the house after a good relaxing 30min believing that we could probably do more of these moments...WELL I WAS WRONG!!!

What the hell happened here!!!!  My tiled floor is a new shade of Black Artline High Performance PERMANENT marker!!!!  Quick as a mum can only be I jump into Mommy action mode, "Papa, go to the bathroom and get me hairspray and cotton wool, STAT".  "I think we need to sort the floor out before you get styling with your hair, don't you think", grrrrrr get it now and don't ask or make stupid statements or questions.

Whilst Papa is grabbing my tools of Mommy hood, here I am knelt down explaining to a 1 year old the difference between paper and tile, move onto charades, where the hand is moving, over the new artistic design on the tiles, slowly I say "NOOOOOO(calmly)"  then point to the drawn on paper "YESSSSSSS", rinse and repeat.  I get a glassy look and then the biggest cheesy grin along with a hug to finish off her way of apologising.

Papa is back in moments, Littley disappears and I spray the new artwork with hairspray.  Whilst it soaks up the ink here comes Littley with her feeding cloth to wipe away the remnants of her artwork, my heart melts, she is too cute and she does understand...I HAVE A GENIUS FOR A CHILD!!!
Littley frantically cleaning the artwork, bless!

Right we finish up and the floor looks brand new, Papa is impressed and I have to say, so am I.  I can't take all the credit for this ingenious ink removing with hairspray trick, it was something I learnt from Mama Bear, back in the day when I decided to try my hand at art.
A little hairspray, cottonwool and elbow grease...

Voila, no PERMANENT ink, no artwork, just tile....ahhhh,
Serenity restored
To end off, if your Littley's are going through this little artistic phase, have yourself a very big can of hairspray on hand, great for materials, tiles etc.  You won't even know the ink was there.

Serene Motherhood...

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