Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A whizz at makeup...

I have no time in my life, so I have managed to perfect the art of makeup application before work.  I have been teaching and doing makeup for the past 8 years.  Here is my recipe to 5 min makeup application...

Must have tools(kind of non negotiable):

  • Foundation brush(preferable)/makeup sponge(eats your foundation)
  • Powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Brow brush
I pump two shots of foundation to the back of my hand, whip that foundation brush quickly around my face, then use my sponge to even out the application.  I then use my ring finger to apply my concealer and swiftly move onto powder.  

Best to use a powder brush, you evenly spread the powder and you don't get this thick cakey look.  Follow swiftly with a pop of colour on the apples of your cheek to give yourself a fresh glow.  

Grab your brow brush, neatly brush your brows to shape, then dab into a shade of eyeshadow similar to your brow colouring and gently sweep over brow hairs, helps put definition into brow.  

Take your cream shadow in ring finger and starting at lashes, gently sweep over, working quickly up to crease, before the cream shadow dries.

Line eyes, or not, but finish with mascara.

Last grab that gloss and whip it around your lips.

I do this every morning and it works for a basic neat, clean look.  Something more dramatic might need more attention, unless you're a genius.  

If you haven't been doing this already your first couple of tries might end up being 20min, once you have the hang of things, the right tools and makeup you'll become a whizz at putting your makeup on quickly.

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