Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The 7 year itch...

This past weekend I celebrated my 7 years of marriage with Papa(Littley's dad).  We are not the type of family to celebrate birthdays, Christmas etc...I know it sounds sad, but we've been living a very long way from home so its always just been the two of us, so we don't really fuss...much rather save up for a luxury cruise!  Now that's a celebration!

I cannot believe I have been married for 7 years, so I have decided to write about the 7 things I know I love about my marriage, the 7 things I don't love(gonna keep it real and honest) and lastly my 7 pieces of advice that I have gained from my marriage...

7 things I know I love about my marriage:
1.  I know I love coming home and cuddling up in front of the telly every night
2.  I know I love that I can use him in any excuse to get out of
3.  I know I love that I don't have to kill the spiders or take out the trash
4.  I know I love that he is everything I ever wanted in a husband
5.  I know I love that we have the same values and morals
6.  I know I love that he is sexy :)
7.  I know I love that he has given me the best gift beautiful daughter

7 things I have learnt I don't love:
1.  I don't love that I have lost my independence
2.  Justifying the spend on every single grocery trip
3.  Papa is more attracted to me when I'm thinner(gotta get back into shape soon), he still loves me
4.  When I'm watching TV and I get asked to do something or questioned, I have to pause every time a sentence comes my way...can you say annoying...
5.  This is actually tougher then I thought...I think I'll leave it at 4 unless something crops up

7 pieces of advice:
1.  When Papa asked my father for my hand in marriage he said he would give his blessing if we followed 1 rule...never go to sleep angry.  We never have...
2.  Never leave the house angry
3.  If I have a problem I can't face with my husband, I ask him to be my "girlfriend" and then I'm allowed to chat to him without being judged, he actually gives me advice on how to handle my situation with my won't believe how well it works.
4.  Believing and understanding that you both provide equally within the family.
5.  Knowing that he knows you and you know him and no one knows you better then each other
6.  Make sure he puts you first before any relationship IE. his mother...and vice versa...its a two way street
7.  This is my toughest one...make sure his family get the same amount of attention as yours do(that's if you both have good relationships with your parents) always ends up being one side or the other, then the kids follow suit...make it fair...

How many years have you been married(or together), and what is your love, hates and pieces of advice?

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