Sunday, 29 July 2012

What's wrong with having dreams?

As this is my own personal journal I have come to use it as just that!  My own personal online journal that a couple of people happen to peek into from time to time.

So what's on the agenda for today?

In my last blog I spoke about how I am empowering myself, yeah for me!  And I can tell you that so far so good.  The diet...aaaa...she's ok, a few ounces here and there, but at least its shifting...slowly...from my baby toe...
My mental state...eeeeeggghhh...better, feeling better about my ambition to change my circumstances....yippppeeee! Definetly looking up.  So how did I do it?

OK, diet, I actually for the first time did not give up, incredible...when it comes to diets I give up in the first 4 weeks.

Mental state, I have stopped focusing on what is not and rather what could be if I put effort into it.

My direction, I for the very first time, believe in myself...I know easier said then done.  But I decided my husband(lovely as he is, not a great emotional supporter) is not who I need to get me to get off my jack jones!  Me, myself and I have been working together to decide a pathway, and go for it.

If you are a reader, unfortunately I probably won't be on here very often...but when I do get on, one thing I am going to document is how I am progressing in my journey to transition my current career into a career that I enjoy, will be flexible for my family and be financially rewarding...heck is that actually possible?  Well I tell you, if you are a woman, you damn well find a way to juggle everything, so if you can accomplish that I believe you can accomplish a life for you and your family that will give you all you are looking for.  Hmmmm big fighting words, for a small time working mummy...well lets just see where this pathway leads me.

This is how I started:

  1. Decided I did not like my job, it did not give me the hours with my baby I wanted and did not give me the passion I used to have for it.  Overcome denial - check!
  2. Look at what could make me happy, with minimal upset to the family or financial situation.  Analyse and research - check!
  3. At the end of the day would this allow me to cover my financial obligations and provide me the flexibility in time I seek for the life with my child.  check!
  4. I enrolled myself onto a online tutorial whereby I can teach myself in-depth techniques in my own time and at my own pace, for less then a workshop I would have to enroll in.  Training and knowledge on subject - check!
  5. Discuss with my husband the tools I need for this to go through, husband gives a funny look.  Next approach, allow husband to buy the car he was looking at and encourage him to finally become a member of a golf course he really wanted to be for a long time, allow him to buy new set of golf clubs and then wait.  Husband comes back week later and says that the tools I seek is ok by him if that's whats gonna make me happy.  Overcome obstacles - check!
At this stage I am now at the beginning of my journey to transition into a completely new career in order to have the life I want for my family, the fear I had before was I was too old to change careers (I'm 32).  I decided, I'm not too old, when I die, then I'm too late!  I'm liberated and excited, I know I can make this happen.

For any women who ever thought she was caught in a rock and a hard place, just look beyond and find the crack that will set you free.  We are stronger then we realize, we give birth to humans the size of watermelons for crying in a bucket, we are quite capable!

What's wrong with having dreams?  It's doing nothing about them, that's what!

Serene Motherhood...

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