Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pulling hair, biting, pushing kids over...all in a day of a toddler

Every morning I get my little angel up, bottle in hand and she gurgles away while we do our morning dance to "girls just wanna have fun" by Cindy Lauper.  I get smiles, I get questions, I get this beautiful angelic face looking up at me.  Ahhh she is just to delicious for words.

Off we go to day care, Pooh bear in tow.  We run in with excitement to see our friends Lala, Gogo and Dorothy.  Yeah! We've arrived, I feel like its ground hogs day with this routine it never ceases to amaze me how excited she gets with this same routine.  I wave good bye to a very happy child, "bye baby girl, be good for mommy".  She half heartedly waves back, more like a ..."shoo off with you now" wave.

When I pick her up, I find her in the playground jumping on the baby trampoline, she spots me and I get the biggest grin and the sloppiest run from her, ending off with this enormous cuddle.  Ahhh I look at her teacher, "isn't she just the cutest?"  Pause..."um, well, she has been a bit grumpy today".  "Really?"  "Yes, she has been pushing kids over and pulling their hair..."  My angel, never!

It was the first time I heard this, and as awful as it sounds I had to acknowledge what my child is doing to other children.  As a parent in a generation of parents that mostly lack discipline skills, therefore we have very "liberal" children, I feel it is my duty to teach her right from wrong immediately.  I don't like to hear she is doing this to other children, as I see her as my angel, and other children probably do it to her, but she is my child and my responsiblitiy.  This little girl needs to understand that in life you can't go around doing what you feel is OK to other people.  I'm not saying she knows what she's doing is OK, but its up to me, to start teaching her right from wrong so she does understand in time.

So I had a little chat with my angel and tried to explain that pushing, pulling, biting and hurting others in general is not good.  I'm not sure she took it in, but I will continue to be consistent with my teaching and hopefully it will sink in one day, sooner rather then later.  I also like to teach her with her teddy, if I see she hits her teddy I go up and explain that that is wrong and she must love her toys.  She says sorry by giving teddy a big cuddle. 

So I picked her up from day care, excited that she was better hoping that she would have retained our little life lesson.  We get in the car, I ask her "did you pull anyones hair today?", she is to young to speak properly, so she looks up at me with her angelic face and nods...yes.  Well, I can't fault her on being honest, I think I'm going to have to keep up with the chats...mind you her teacher did say she was much better.  Yeah!  Something did go in.

My Littley is 21months, she can't speak back, but I know she understands.  And as young as they are its important for us to bring up well balanced children that respect others and themselves, this can only be done with good parenting skills. 

Good luck and keep guiding your little ones....

Serene Motherhood...

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