Friday, 22 June 2012

Perfectly mom...

So I've been a bit quite these last 2 weeks as I've been a very busy mummy at work, we have launches, conferences, eventing, hobnobbing with editors and local celebs...all in a days work, then run home to hubby and bubby to continue my next job of being mother.

In amongst the chaos at work I've also been getting up at 5am Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to get an hour in at the gym, then rushing back home to get Littley ready for creche, then rushing to work, getting all that done, back to creche fetch Littely, home to feed and bathe her.  In bed by 7pm and then put in 2 hours of XHTML self learning.

Shew wee, oh and on top of that I'm dieting...I know, I could just slap myself too.

I really wanted to change my mind, life and body around so decided to do it all at once and I've been managing for the past month, I was sure I would see a difference in all aspects by now, but I'm only seeing little bits...not enough to motivate me, but I'm determined not to be a failure because that's what I do, I don't see the results soon enough I then quit, its just easier.

Am I putting to much pressure on myself or have I been so slack with piling on the pressure that this really should be a breeze if I had just got my act into it earlier.

I have my mood board, my motivation(sometimes slips), my routine, my eye on the I continue full speed ahead or give a little rope to myself?

I'm going to continue, let me buck the trend of quitting to soon and give it another go, and then another and then another...I've got plenty of time in my life!

If you re in the same position I really hope I've inspired you to stick to your current goal, imagine the feeling of success, it really does taste so good and will probably spur you on to more successes...

Serene Motherhood...

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