Friday, 25 May 2012

A friend indeed...

There are many "must haves" in our life, but one that I "must have" is a good friend who I can bend an ear with. 

About 2 weekends ago, it was Mothers day, and as much as I would love to celebrate this day, my husband and I have concluded that in our life these days will not be celebrated as we celebrate them everyday...cliched or what!  So now I've made it to Mommy kingdom, I feel there needs to be some sort of celebration for everything I manage to do unaided (which by the way is literally a celebration each day cos I did it again without losing it).  Things like being vomited on and managing to stay strong for the sake of my Littley, for doing a 2 hour bed time routine EVERYDAY!!! without help.  For waking up 3/4 times a night and then doing a full days work.  Yes, this is a celebration...damn girl you did it!

Anyway as I was saying, 2 weekends ago it was Mothers day, and I happen to have a friend who was in my predicament, so we decided to take ourselves to Pappachino's to celebrate Mothers day together with our Littleys because the guys were too busy doing things!!! ON MOTHERS FREAKING DAY, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

As much as I want to be a strong person and not share my most inner irritations about my life and where its going I realise that going without talking about it is quite damaging.  You start to spiral out of control and then you can't see the wood through the trees.  That is why you need a friend, not to sit and bitch and moan about how bad your life is, but to bitch and moan and then offer each other some sound positive advice.  Now if we had to offer this same conversation to our husbands we would get a totally different reaction.  Mostly a reaction you don't want to hear or deal with, that is where a friend comes in. 

We made a promise to each other not to leave it so long before we see each other, as with our busy lives we tend to see each other about twice a year.  So I definitely won't leave it too long next time, in fact I'm going to give her a call now.

To conclude, if you are having lots of thoughts swimming around your head and you just need them to settle, go get your besty and bend their ear until you are satisfied everything is off your chest and you have a clear purpose going forward, you'll be surprised what a chat can do for the soul.

Serene Motherhood...


  1. Nothing in the world like a good friend :)

    My friends always reminds me men try to fix it where women can just listen so I bounce things off her as well.

    So glad you stopped by and glad you liked my post on pushing past the fear-Whatever your dreams Serene you have everything you need to make it happen!