Thursday, 11 October 2012

Naughty corner...

OK, so the day started like any other.  Wakey wakey sleepy head, I peer around the door and there is my angel with a smile from ear to ear.  Milky milky sleepy head, I hand her the bottle and upsey daisy onto the change mat.  Wow, but she's thirsty today!

OK, baby girl, is it going to be Mika(Mickey mouse) or Tink today?  "No, Mama, Dora".  OK, Dora it is.

Aaaahhh this is when I love motherhood...oh hell I spoke way to soon.  She now looks like a contortionist screaming like a demon possessed, Papa comes flying in to the rescue, the 3 of use are playing tug of war with a Dora T-shirt...where did go so wrong.  Stepping outside of this bubble of mayhem, I realise my baby girl is trying to gain her independence by doing it herself...and strangling herself in the process...oh no this little girl needs no help.

OK, we are now all screaming at each other, over a Dora shirt, arms are going through wrong holes, hair is being pulled and tempers are flaring...RIGHT!  THAT IS IT, YOUNG LADY!  CORNER!

"No, Mama, no corner".  Sorry my dear, off you go 2 minutes. 

We have stopped referring to the "naughty corner" and now call it "the calm me down corner (oh yes, very PC)" but in a moment such as this it simple gets shortened to "corner".

I never really believed in the corner, but I have to say, it works like a charm.  She screams for 2 solid minutes, Papa and I calm ourselves down for 2 minutes....rrrrrrrriiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg! And after the bell, I get down to her eye level and explain, Mama and Papa were only trying to help her, that we love her and there is no need for a temper tantrum.  Now hugs and kisses all around and the love is refilled into our home, ahhhhhh.

I love the "corner".  Thankfully I do not need to use it often.

Serene Motherhood...

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