Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Exhausted enough to have friends...

I love having friends who have kids too, its always a great time to sit and come together with what you and your Littley's week has been like.  OK, lets not kid ourselves, its not like that, its more work...but hey you wouldn't have it any other way.

So I'm following on from my last post "confessions of a mother", you know the story about the poop...need I say more.  Well I decided it was my turn to reciprocate the gesture of inviting them to our house...

How is it when you have planned everything to a tee, you really haven't.  The evening started...I'd like to say great...but it didn't I'd put out the toys and snacks about 5 min before they all arrived and would you believe a 12kg munchkin can make a tornado of a mess in that much for showing off my house.

I started in the kitchen, thinking I could escape at some point to join the conversation, NO! I escaped 3 hours later and only to clean up my brothers shirt and my Littley, as she had had so much fun and food with the other couples child, with all the running around, the gentle pat of love from my brother broke the camels back, and way hey, projectile vomit!!!
EWWWWW!!! Bro does not have kids, so this was not a nice warm gooey feeling he was having.

Right, run the bath, console baby, clean chunks from clothes, wash hands finish meal, have husband come ask to check meat!!!???!!! WTF, are you kidding, check your frigging meat!  I'm in the middle of a crisis! Truly unbelievable!

Right babe in bath, brother clothed, husband taken care of, now to relax...UH NO!!! Silly me, I'm a mum, enjoying the company of others, I don't get to relax, when will I get this through my brain.

Everyone goes home, baby asleep time for bed, did I enjoy myself? Yes I actually did, I would do anything for friends in the same boat, Littley slept through the night because she had so much fun, we are continuing to build friendships and ...well hmmmm that's it really, I actually thought there was more to it, but no, there isn't.

My advice, go to a restaurant that caters for kids, specifically ones that have people you can  pay to play with them, in your line of sight, even better.

Serene Motherhood...

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