Saturday, 19 May 2012

History of friends...

Tonight we were invited to join some friends at their house for an early dinner and kiddie play time.  We've just come home and I've been thinking about how enjoyable and relaxing the evening was.  It got me thinking about how strange it is to think how we have evolved so much in the space of a couple of years and the different friendships we have made and been through.

Thinking about when you are young and in highschool, you tend to veer towards what you think are good friends to have.  It all depends on what you are interested in whether it was break times in the bathroom playing warcraft, sitting on the bleaches watching all the boys play Russian roulette, sitting in the courtyard twirling your hair and handing around a lollipop thats seen more then its share of mouths, quietly sitting in a dark room perfecting black and white photos or volunteering to be the lunch time librarian.  Regardless of where you were you were trying to fit in. 

When you moved into your tertiary education friendship took on a whole new meaning.  The average varsity or college student tended to live in res where there was some sort of comradery, all gatherings took place in some sort of club and alcohol was always flowing...till the wee hours of the morning.  Somehow your body managed to cope with the abundance of alcohol and sleep deprivation...ironically this is the time in your life where you will be trying to pass and get through school to persue a life of success. 

Moving into your first job role, you tend to revert back to your highschool years, where you are searching for the group you feel you will be comfortable to hang with.  Coincidently if we thought that school kids gossiped, you didn't realise the world of gossip you were entering in when you start work.  Friends tended to be out and about painting the town red, freedom of choice was abundant and it was a great time to loosen the reigns and really exercise the boundaries of choice.  Life was generally good, and like your tertiary years it tended to have a great mix of alcohol. 

As you mature you probably found someone to share your life with, you also start moving up the ranks and now going out during the week tends to be a thing of the past, as responsibilities creep in, early beds are the order of the day.  Maby weekend night outs are kept to just that ...the weekend.

You are now responsible for little people, an other half and your career.  Your bed time ritual is a combination of dinner, TV and bed.  You tend to limit your nights out and start to really enjoy friends who just want to do early dinner, with a glass of wine, which tends to be on the weekend. 

I do often miss my early twenties, but I know I can't keep up with the life I used to lead.  I much prefer a dinner party where I can hear the company I'm in, instead of trying to holler into the ear of a friend and walk out the club hard of hearing from the ridiculously loud music and hoarse from screaming a conversation.  Give me an early night any day.  This way I can enjoy time with my family without regretting the night before.

I believe we meet people along the way, that will help teach us to find and understand the people we like to be.  Enjoy your friends and choose them wisely.

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