Friday, 16 March 2012

Those little terrors...

Night terrors that is...

My little one has been suffering from what we think are night terrors.  It starts off that she is crying frantically, we rush in wanting to cuddle and soothe her, but she becomes a child I'm unfamiliar with, pretty scary if you ask me.  She is flailing, screaming and weirdly pointing to now where.  Luckily this has been happening before we go to bed.  So after a week of trying to decide what to do about this situation we read up about the symptoms and conclude she may be having night terrors, which is terrifying needless to say.

So I grabbed the first book I could to get answers from, Baby Sense by Megan Faure, well known baby guru and a website I like to get guidance from,

Armed with advice from Baby sense and Baby centre I get to work on putting a new bed time strategy in place.  Firstly I move eating, bathing and bed 30min back.  The first night we try it works like a dream.  But of course not all good things last, we're back to waking up, but this time she is more moaning then anything else.

Tonight I tried the one piece of advice I was dreading...wake her up 10min before you know when she is going to have a night terror.  I didn't wake her completely but I did disrupt her sleep and so far she has not woken up.

You know its easy to give in and just go ahead and give them what you think they want, but ultimately you need to forge ahead, no matter how heart breaking or time consuming it is, and just give them what they need.

If this is also a concern you might be having, my suggestion would be to read up about Sleep in babies and consult your paediatrician.  

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