Monday, 19 March 2012

Career suicide hey?

Blood, sweat and tears...this was the previous job I had.  I was the career mum, that was running to airports with laptop swung around my neck, baby purity precariously placed just near the nipple area of my white work blouse(because its like buttered toast, it just lands that way), teeth not brushed(due to the rush, so must think of stopping at the next kiosk to buy dental gum, will fight plaque with my finger nail) and of course trying to convince the air hostess/steward/whoever they want to be called, that my 1 hand luggage will fit into the overhead if you just shove it hard enough(no need to go into the hold, just want to avoid that baggage collection area with everything I got).

Then coming home after a week away to find mold on all the dishes in the dishwasher, as it hasn't seen water or soap for a week, still having to make dinner with can of tomotoes, a cucumber and provitas, make list for grocery shopping the next day and cleaning the kitchen after a hunger rampage. 

And then, only then do I allow myself the moment I have been waiting for...a sneaky peek into my little girls room to see her contorsionist sleeping position for a moment, before I hear her snork and I dive like a ninja before she sees me, or it will be c beebies for the next 3 hours for the two of us.

NO!  I can't do this, I can't do it to myself or my family anymore.  There is more to life then stress and finacial stability.  Things need a drastic change and now.  So I ask myself is this career suicide as I've only been in my job for 6 months, and no one in SA jumps that soon into another job. 

Well someone was watching my antics and thought this comedy show was getting a bit repetitive.  So by the grace of God, I had 2 opportunities presented to me within a week of deciding that I'm moving jobs(where do you hear of this happening).  I put it down to the fact that I was just meant to leave...

So I'm now in my new job, working in a place where everyone has some sort of management title no matter what your level, coffee breaks are the order of the day, spanning anything from 5min to 30min at a time, lunch not included.  And we are allowed to adhere to our actual going home time, have I arrived at heaven? 

Needless to say, sometimes it is greener on the otherside and when an opportunity presents itself and we're at a crossroads, maby it's our little life raft.  We should just put our fears aside and jump on in, easier said then done, right?  Might I add a little research and soul searching is in order before taking this leap of faith. 

Moms and working moms, good luck with your choices...anyone got some advice for us working mommies?

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