Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dummy dilemma...

So littley is 18months old, can say a handful of words, but amazingly enough she is able to reason like no ones business...

How does this little person not speak the languages of men, but can somehow manipulate a situation where a finger of one or both parents gets taken in a way that softens your heart and all rules set out in stone, just yesterday, can be broken.  This gentle finger tug is the first step into the journey where you are hypnotised into a pathway you have no control over.  You are then slowly pulled down the treacherous flight of stairs, mindful of the toy obstacles, down to the darkness, before you realise the need for the lights to go on...then into the deep you go further, where littley is pointing with such determined focus, not a blink of an eye.  You's the...damn dummy.

I thought we got over this episode, but now she has realised the strength of memory.  I say I will be strong and beat my husband for breaking the code, only to find myself subconciously handing her the dummy.  Damn you will power!  This manipulation must end, dummy (at this stage) is only for sleeping, no day time dummy allowed.

I can't have this big little girl going to her friends and being the only dummy user, next thing you know she'll get the others hooked.  Now I'm thinking, I'm just talking about a dummy, what will be of her teen years if I can't overcome her toddler years.

The strength is within me, come forth and conquer...

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